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Confounded by the reality that leading figures in the environmental movement skirt the issue of weapons as an undeniably dangerous form of  pollution, our intention is to bring to the attention of as many people as possible as quickly as possible logical questions that arise out of current, relevant information on the subject of weapons being produced and used on the planet.  The key question behind our effort with this site is:

Why are conflicts still being resolved with such unsustainable approaches?

Furthermore, we contend that weapons are actually a pollution that are designed to end life (human or ecological) both 1) intentionally and 2) instantaneously. And yet, mainstream environmentalists continue to ignore these two very salient features of weapons.

Instead, mainstream environmentalists will myopically focus on sources of pollution that are unintentional. For example, an oil spill is an unfortunate accident where as a bunker-busting cluster-bombing sortie is a well planned-out environmental disaster. And yet, mainstream environmentalists will consider an oil spill an environmental disaster conveniently ignoring bombing sorties altogether.

The myopia continues in their ignoring the fact that weapons cause instantaneous death. For example, air pollution is a very popular topic amongst the mainstream environmental crowds, and yet car exhaust (even in heavy smog conditions) will not cause instantaneous death. Weapons such as chemical bio-warfare gases that are produced to kill people instantly are systematically ignored by mainstream environmentalists.

So the question arises:

Why do mainstream environmentalists continue to support a false dichotomy that is inconsistent with their own notion of pollution?

And perhaps most poignantly:

Why are weapons in fact not considered the most deleterious form of pollution?

We welcome your feedback but would ask you to direct it to the elected members of government whose job it is to keep us safe – not just in terms of security – but in terms of the long term sustainability of our global environment.

Remember to ask them a question so that they have to reply. Tell them that you are planning to show their response to all of your loved ones so that they will know where these elected officials stand in terms of this crucial environmental issue.  We also encourage you to send your feedback and questions to the corporate bureaucrats who are orchestrating the deals in the armament industry.

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